Frequently Asked Questions

Have pre-tenancy questions to ask? Below is a list of frequently asked questions by prospective tenants:

I can’t find any viewing time in your calendar, what should I do?
You may not find any viewing time in the calendar in some occasions. This may because the property is not available for viewing during that time. Please check back the calendar for any future update. As soon as a viewing time can be arranged, you will find the appointment showing in the calendar again.

How do I sign up this property?
A rental application is required from each tenant who wishes to reside in the property. Please click the “Apply Now” button within the advertisement to start completing an online application. This will only take approximately 15min to complete. We will assess all of your application will be assessed as a group.

Can I apply more than one property at a time?
Sure you can. Simply enter more than one address in the online application form and we will consider you for the properties you applied for. This is often a good way to be able to secure another accommodation in case your first preference has been taken.

How to increase my chance to secure this property?
If possible, you should get each of your flatmate to complete a separate tenancy application immediately to avoid delay for assessment. Although we do entirely working on first come first serve basis, our past records show earlier applicant always in a favourable position to secure the property. We also strongly enough you to apply as soon as possible, even before the viewing takes place. This can give you an edge over other renters.

How soon will I find out if my application has been accepted?
It will usually take a couple of days to assess a group application. Sometimes it could be slightly shorter or longer depending on the volume of applications we have received. If you wish to check your application progress, simply write us an email to or call 04 802 4779 ext 205.

How much do I have to pay to secure this property?
Unless otherwise stated, we require a total of 5 weeks upfront payment. The 5 weeks payment include 3 weeks bond, 1 week letting fee (gst inclusive), and 1st week rent. Once the 1st week rent is paid, the next rent due is from the first day of the second week.